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Ticket Sales
"An Evening of Magic"

Our Members with Ticket Vouchers

Dale Bishop           John Brownback
Jim Cox                 Tony Dowell
Timothy Gallaher   Dave Goldman
Jeff Harpring        Patrick Hurley
Richard Landry     Dave Matrisch
Ron McDonald       Troy Roark
Eldon Roark          Greg Seifert
Walter Smith         Steve Steer
Mick Valenti          Hunter Wood
Russ Yonda            Jesse James
Robbie Quance

If you know any of our members you can get a tickets voucher from them thru May 20th. 
After that you must get them from the Hoogland ticket office. If you don't know any of our members you can order directly from the Hoogland. Hope to see you there.

Click on the tickets to be taken to the Hoogland box office for purchase.

Link to Hoogland Ticket page
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