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Card Tricks
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We have a great lineup of
lecturers this year.

Hoogland Stag

Don't miss this great opertunity to learn from the best!

Deck of Cards

Michael Finney is a comic’s magician
and a magician’s comic.

His topics per his email.

At this time of my life,
The ins and outs of a 45 year career
in comedy and magic.
Teach what ever they’d like to see.
Answer any and all questions about anything. 

Sounds like a fun and interesting time.

Comady Magician
Michael Finney


Top Las Vegas Street Magician / Busker

Troy will be lecturing on Busking 101.
He will talk about getting started
and what has worked for him.
From the streets to Table hopping.
Busking to getting the money !
This lecture is for all levels of magicians,
Everyone will take at
least 4 or 5
valuable ideads away from it !
From sound, table setups, 
stopping the

people, and getting an audiance.
Tip lines!  Great lines to bring in the tips.  


Comedy Magician

(Troy Keefer)


Close-up Guru

Kevin Kelly 

We have found our third lecturer.

He lectured at our club back in the 90s 

He was a best friend and a cohort to none other than Don England. He certinaly should be interesting to hear amd learn from him.

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