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Red Abstract swirl dark.jpeg
Red Abstract swirl dark.jpeg


We are now 1 months away

from our next  great

convention for you in 2023.
The Hoogland Center for the Arts will be the location and

we are looking forward
to a great time.
Our convention will feature

"Michael  Finney"
" Yort (Troy Keefer)  "
"Kevin Kelly"
" Howard Mincone "
" Jeff Harpring "
" Dr. David Goldman "
" Terry Richison "

"Rob Thompson"

Our primary vendor will be
"Tennessee Magic Emporium"


The 2024 CIMGT will be April 27th in Peoria, Illinois.

Countdown to  the Convention

Registration is OPEN

Registration is now open.  To see what we have instore, browse through the site or, simply click
" Register now ! " because you already
know it’s going to be great.


Oh! WoW


We are certainly looking

forward to this...….

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