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Jason Ladanye Lecture

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Tuesday June 5, 2018 7:00 PM - Monday June 25, 2018 9:30 PM
Hoogland Center For The Arts, 420 South 6th Street, Springfield, IL 62701  (map)

Admission: $20.00

Jason Ladanye has performed at Resort Casinos like Turning Stone, Foxwoods, and Mohegan Sun, and at corporate events for Fortune 500 companies including Fuji Films, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, and General Motors. He has performed at the famous Magic Castle and has consulted for the hit Broadway show, Cheers Live. He has appeared on ABC’s 20/20 and Inside Edition exposing card cheating scams. In 2013, Jason released his first book, Confident Deceptions. In 2017, Jason will be releasing his second book, Game Changer.



Lecture Overview and Effects



Jason Ladanye is known for creating high-impact card tricks that play like miracles for lay audiences. These aren’t “pick a card” tricks. These are effects that make you look like a world-class card mechanic. Jason is constantly creating new and original plots that are meaningful and very entertaining. These effects are practical and most importantly, they don’t rely on knuckle-busting sleight of hand. In this lecture, Jason will teach 7 killer effects. In addition to teaching the mechanics of the tricks, Jason will share his insights on how to make your show one that the audience will never forget. Learn how to connect with your audience and how to get them hooked—and keep them hooked. He’ll also cover topics such as effect construction, audience management, magic theory, misdirection, hecklers, developing your character and persona, how to maximize the impact of every trick, and much more! Books, DVD’s, close-up mats, practice mirrors, and lecture notes will all be on sale as well.



Standing Out: A powerful opener that you can do anytime, anywhere, with and deck, for any number of people, standing or seated, surrounded… you get the idea! The performer produces four of a kind in a very visual way. This effect instantly establishes you.


Royal Production: Find a powerful poker hand under impossible conditions. The spectator shuffles the deck several times. With the deck spread face up across the table, the audience repositions any cards they want that a cheat may take advantage of. A second later the performer deals himself a royal flush.


Ladanye's ACAAN: The performer gives a stunning demonstration of his ability to shuffle track cards. He follows the position of a selection as it changes during the shuffles and cuts. A moment later the performer causes any card to move to any position in the deck with no false moves. After seeing this effect, they’ll know you're a serious threat at the card table.


Catch Me if You Can: The performer plays three easy games with a spectator with real money on the line. No matter what they can’t win! This is one of Jason’s top five all-time favorite effects to perform.


Forging Ahead: There are plenty of signature transfer effects out there. Jason's contribution to this classic plot is to move a spectator's initials from the FACE of one card, to the FACE of another. This is one of the strongest tricks in his book, Confident Deceptions, and one of the easiest to do!


Ladanye’s Ultimate Triumph: In Ladanye’s version, there’s no doubt the cards are mixed faces into backs… because they are. Also, the performer finds four selections in the process! This one fools both laymen and magicians.


Liar Liar: A new-deck order closer that leaves your audience speechless! The performer offers to teach a simple effect but leaves the audience with a far greater mystery. The audience sees over and over that the cards are in a random order and that the shuffles are real. However, at the end of the effect the deck is in perfect order. (This is standing ovation material!)

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