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Our Members

Our Officers

President:Rusell Yonda

VP: Dave Matrisch

Sec, Tres.: Tim Gallaher

Seargent At Arms:



This is a list of our current Members

Eldon Roark              Eldon.Roark@Ring239.com
Greg Seifert              Greg.Seifert@Ring239.com
Jeff Harpring             Jeff.Harpring@Ring239.com
David Goldman         David.Goldman@Ring239.com
Dave Moreland
Hunter Woods
Mike Plog                 Mike.Plog@Ring239.com
Pat Hurley                Pat.Hurley@Ring239.com
Russ Yonda             Russ.Yonda@Ring239.com
Jeff Harpring
John Brownback
Tim Gallaher              Tim.Gallaher@Ring239.com

Ron McDonald         Ron.McDonald@Ring239.com

Tony Dowell             Tony.Dowell@Ring239.com

Dale Bishop              Dale.Bishop@Ring239.com

      Inactive Members
Chris Rayma

Troy Roark               Troy.Roark@Ring239.com

Randy Thompson      Randy.Thompson@Ring239.com

Mick Valenti              Mick.Valenti@Ring239.com

Luke Hays                Luke.Hays@Ring239.com

Joe Snyder               Joe.Snyder@Ring239.com

Jim Percy                 Jim.Percy@Ring239.com

Jerry Palmer             Jerry.Palmer@Ring239.com

Jeremy Bartunek       Jeremy.Bartunek@Ring239.com

Grant Golden            Grant.Golden@Ring239.com

Steve Steer              Steve.Steer@Ring239.com

Dave Matrisch           David.Matrisch@Ring239.com

Chris Rayman

Joann Croll
Larry Corona

Broken Wand Memorial

A broken wand ceremony is a ritual performed at the funeral of a magician in which a wand, either the wand which the magician used in performances, or a ceremonial one is broken, indicating that with the magician's death, the wand has lost its magic.
The first broken wand ceremony was held in 1926, after the death of Harry Houdini

The following is a list of our member for whom this ceremony has been performed.
They are certainly missed by us and their loved ones.

Dee Schulian
Stan Burris
Kent Sorrells
Dietz Cornelius
Gordon Snow